Financial Planning

The CBIG team is dedicated to providing quality service directed at the needs of individuals, families and business owners, allowing them to be confident about where they're going in life, ensure they are educated about strategies and enthusiastic about achieving their family's life-long goals.

Financial Planning brings together all the pieces of your financial picture – investments, taxes, income, savings, and debts, and gives you an overall snapshot of where you stand. This overview, combined with professional advice, puts you in the driver’s seat of your financial future. It’s a lifelong process of setting your financial goals, implementing strategic plans, and monitoring progress on a regular basis.

The Financial Planning Process

1. Setting Goals and Objectives

Your first step in the financial planning process.

2. Data Gathering

Gather information about your financial resources to ensure your personal documents are up-to-date and that you are aware of your current situation. A Net Worth Statement and a Cash Flow Worksheet are helpful tools to assist you.

3. Analysis and Solutions

Analyze your Retirement, Education, Debt or Insurance needs. Since Retirement Planning is an essential part of the Financial Planning Process, the Retirement Contribution Calculator will show you how much you need to save to reach your goal. With the rising costs of education, Education Planning forms an important long-term part of your financial goals. The RESP Calculator is designed to assist in this planning. Effective Debt Management is critical to sound Financial Planning. A Debt Consolidator Program is a useful tool to assist in Debt Management. It determines your ability to handle your current debt and lets you know whether you can comfortably manage more debt or should pay down existing debt. An up-to-date Estate Plan is essential to ensure you have your financial affairs in order to ease the financial burden for your survivors/heirs and ensure your estate is in the lowest possible tax position. Discuss your wishes with your spouse/heirs. You can't predict the future so start planning today.

4. Recommendations

Once all the steps have been completed, your Financial Advisor can make recommendations tailored to meet your specific Financial & Insurance needs.

5. Implementation

The next step is to implement the recommendations to ensure you reach your Goals and Objectives. Your Financial Advisor will help you design a well-diversified Portfolio that best suits your needs, as well; your Financial Advisor will assist you through the process of completing the required Insurance Coverage.

6. Follow-up

At least once a year, you and your Financial Advisor should follow up and review your financial situation to ensure you are meeting your needs and to make adjustments as any economic or life cycle changes occur.


Core Values

We are committed to:

  • Helping people achieve their goals through a team approach. 
  • Ensuring those who we work for and with have a high degree of trust and are completely satisfied with our service. 
  • Ensuring that our clients are comfortable and educated in any of the solutions and strategies that we suggest for them. 
  • Developing relationships with our clients throughout their life's challenges. We want our clients to know we will be working with them through our working life. 
  • Enacting and communicating to all we meet in a manner that displays sound business integrity. 
  • Actively enhancing our community by participating in worthwhile charitable organizations through commitments of time and contributions. 

Products & Services


  • Family Financial Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement & Estate Planning
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Personal/Corporate Tax Deferral
  • Arm's-Length Referrals to Legal Professionals
  • Arm's-Length Referrals to Accounting Professionals
  • Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA)
  • Mutual Funds
  • Segregated Funds
  • GICs, Deposits


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